The deal is, I have a drawer stuffed of unfinished projects collected over the last few years. Some are trial pieces, some are projects I never finished, some are extra parts, and some are mistakes. Many are a couple years old, as well.

I decided to breathe life into them in a Frankenstein kind of manner. The following is the start of a lovely collection, that, if I'm ready to, and if you're interested in, I may be releasing in the future.
Gravester /grāvstər/ (n): One of a kind monster compiled of various unfinished and/or excess pieces from Leesasaur's crochet graveyard.

Flametail Squirrel

  • head, body, tail (unfinished Gentleman Squirrel)
  • flame (excess Mario fireball)
  • arms (unfinished Butters)
  • right leg (trial Yoshi)
  • left leg (trial puppy)
  • hair (trial star cupcake decor)
  • ears (mistake from what were supposed to be green turtle legs but I was too asleepy to realize it was the wrong color till I awoke the next morning)

This will be an ongoing series for me as long as there are lone pieces to construct into Gravesters. It's also a terrific exercise to keep me productive and inspired. Stand by -- I've got some fun ones coming.


  1. hahahaa! love it, you should make a video of them coming to life!!

  2. hahah Thanks, guys! I have been wanting to do a time-lapsed film! Maybe later :D


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