Monday, January 4, 2016

Welcome BB-8

Late last year something amazing happened - Star Wars: The Force Awakens debuted, and with it came new lovable droid, BB-8!

Growing up, I was super in love with C3PO, so I was a little nervous about meeting the next droid and how he would play into it all. But I had a sneaking suspicion that somehow BB-8 would make his way into my heart, so I got started on a crochet replica. Plus, my brother is a huge Star Wars fan, and since some sicko stole the original Yoda I made for him, I planned to gift him BB-8 for Christmas.

Since BB-8 has different patterns on all sides, I had to do him justice and try to make everything exact. I didn't have access to a BB-8 Sphere, and also noticed images online were always different, so I painstakingly paused and took screenshots from his intro at the Star Wars Celebration:

I debated on whether to embroider every side or to just slab on felt pieces, and in the end, the challenge of embroidery really paid off for a solidified look. I'd actually like to experiment with magnets in the future, but since I'm on vacation, I just made do with the supplies I brought with me.

Kagami BB-8! Perfect for the new year!

I might tweak a few things when I'm back home, but for now I'm really pleased with the outcome! I'm even more thrilled that unlike the upset I had when Episode 1 came out, Episode 7 was incredibly satisfying!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Pizzah Rat

I identify so much in a courageous rat transporting a pizza slice nearly three times its size down the stairs of a New York subway station.

A reflection of several aspects of my life are all referenced in this video: My extensive love for pizza, surviving the constant hustle, the determination to meet my goals, the extreme gratitude of finding something to eat, so on and so forth. So, in homage to this rat's documented journey, no admiration of mine would be complete without a crochet replica of this pizza loving fella.

I made a variety of toppings so meat-lovers and vegans alike can enjoy with me!

The rats go marching slice by slice, pizzah, pizzah!

All Pizzah Rats are fastened with removable chains so you can display them every which way they aim to travel.

Monday, August 24, 2015


I was finishing up a few donuttys, when a friend of mine linked me to these cat donut pillows. I thought it would be a fun project to make my own version of kitty donuts.

I decided the heart-shaped safety eyes I purchased a while ago would be a perfect fit as little cat noses. After making one kitty donut, I made a variety more of what I now refer to as my "meownuts."

There are still many flavors and breeds I want to make! Excited to keep playing around with color and icing patterns for future donuttys and meownuts!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Bubble Bubby and Company

Four years ago, I spent hours of my life laboring over Bubble Lush, a project compromised of 578 handmade pieces crocheted together. History repeated itself, as I spent two months of my life contributing to yet another Bubble Bobble piece. This time, I had my imagination set on a fully functioning bubble blowing dragon!

I went through the process of testing and trying to construct around a total of four different bubble machines. There was a lot of discouragement and frustration, but I couldn't tear myself away from making this dragon a reality. 

"Bubble Bubby"

Plus a couple of those evil enemies, who I found are named, "Stoner" and "Bubble Buster."

I wanted to do a new video game inspired keychain, as well, and decided to go way back to my favorite portable device: Gameboy. 

I kept my crochet design simple, but made sure to include an important detail: Battery light! Not only did I have to worry about my mortality in the game, but it was imperative that I kept a constant vigilance on that red dot!

Introducing... "Gameby"

I'm excited to do different variations of Gameby in the future! It's incredible how much video games have shaped me as a child, and continue to do so in my life. Reflecting on the joy they've given me, and strong influence they have on my life and art, make me forever grateful for their existence. Thank you to iam8bit for inviting me to their 10th anniversary art show, and for keeping the "retro" gaming spirit alive!

2011 with "Bubble Lush" at Gallery Nucleus and 2015 with "Bubble Bubby" at iam8bit Gallery

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Even after incredible artist, Dena Nakahashi, dropped the phrase, "She loves that dog like a baby"-- I wasn't prepared for the 'daaaws' and smiles that came with her commission. She asked if I could make a replica of her sister Keri's, beloved dog/son, Kobe. Upon flipping through the photos, it became overwhelmingly apparent that this was a very loved, very active dog! If he wasn't running through the beach or woods, he was swimming, chilling with his friends, or taking selfies with his mom. 

I was so thrilled when I received this wonderfully fun photo session Keri did of Kobe with "Mini Kobe" -- 

I'll admit, his unique stomach patterns and random specks of colors nearly drove me insane to create, but I knew the details would make all the difference!

Since there were so many Kobe action shots, I thought it was important to include wiring, enabling Mini Kobe to pose in similar form.

I think Kobe likes mini Kobe -- Do you?? So happy and thankful for this amazing custom, and for the photoshoot it inspired!

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Due to my little sister's constant sharing of admiration for Corgis, it was no surprise when she asked me to crochet one for a birthday. I'm not a huge fan of small dogs, but I cannot deny the compact cuteness of the Corgi breed. Just have a peek at this video and tell me you feel nothing:

Those precious doe eyes paired with plump bodies, were the main attributes I tried to capture in my crochet Corgi. The proportions have to be just right, otherwise it'll end up looking like a Chihuahua!

I think I've captured the likeness of a Corgi fairly well. I'd be fun to eventually make every breed of dog!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I'm always nervous to take on commissions of real people or pets, because I feel there's a heightened responsibility to capture their likeness. Imagine the caution I took when a new mother asked me to crochet Tai, her nine month old baby -- I was nearly as nervous to make her as I would be to hold her.

I was told that it's a birthday present for April, so I'm eagerly waiting to see photos of real Tai and little Tai together then!