Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I'm always nervous to take on commissions of real people or pets, because I feel there's a heightened responsibility to capture their likeness. Imagine the caution I took when a new mother asked me to crochet Tai, her nine month old baby -- I was nearly as nervous to make her as I would be to hold her.

I was told that it's a birthday present for April, so I'm eagerly waiting to see photos of real Tai and little Tai together then!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Year of the Sheep

Happy Lunar New Year! 2015 is year of the Sheep/Ram, and I was asked to make a little sheep keychain in commemoration. I based it off the soft lamb I made a few years ago, adorning it with a tiny bell as well.

Growing up in Hawaii, along with being part Chinese, I'm used to celebrating Chinese new year, and partaking in the festivities. Since I haven't gone to Disneyland in a while, I was excited to go during the lunar new year. They had a section in California Adventure Park with lion dancing, lantern making, pork buns, and an area where you could meet Mushu, and festive Mickey, Minnie, Chip, and Dale. It was super cute!

Hope you all have a wonderful and healthy lunar new year!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tenth Doctor

Twas a week before Christmas, when all through the cave, not much leeway for new orders, nor time to misbehave. Leesasaur was ready to close for some holiday cheer, when out of her inbox the Tenth Doctor did appear!

Holidays are always a stressful, sweatshop filled period for me. However, I had to accept the late commission to make David Tennant! Many times I've wanted to crochet a Doctor or ten, but it wasn't till I was given the push of this holiday request that one finally came to fruition.

From his hair, to his sneakers, to his 3D glasses, I had so much fun crocheting my first Doctor. Eventually I'd love to have a set of villains and companions, so we'll see how far I get this year. I need to at least crochet the Eleventh Doctor and his fez, 'cause fezzes are cool!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Minion Abundance

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a big fan of Despicable Me. That being said, I found that I truly love making minions! Throughout the years I've noticed a popularity in crochet minions online, but it was only this holiday season that I was asked to make one... and then four more.

Minions generally look the same with their outfit and colors, but each of them have their own altered appearance. Whether it be their taller stature, hair placement, amount of eyes, or facial expression, it's fun to create a slightly different one each time.

I thought having to make so many in a quick time would make me a little sick of them, but I actually can't wait to make more in the future. There's something about their faces that lure me in. I'll also be getting a Universal Studios pass this coming year, so I'm excited to go on the new minion ride!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Owl Love

I seldom get requests to make animals, so it was a nice change to make a couple of little plump owls. Any chance I get to play with color patterns, and implement bobble stitches, is fun for me!

It also gave me an opportunity to use the lovely garden in my backyard.

Friday, November 21, 2014


I've repeatedly fallen in love with cartoon and non-human characters throughout my life, but my first cyborg love was RoboCop. When I was a kid, I was really into reincarnation, and the idea of becoming a robot after death really resonated with me. So when my friend commissioned me to choose between making Popeye or RoboCop, I had to go with the latter.

Having just got done with the robotic yet soft Mega Man, it was a somewhat smooth transition to make RoboCop. Switching colors is always trickiest for me, so I ended up crocheting his face upside down to get the effect. His boxy Superman physique incorporated probably the most different stitches and techniques I've used in one extremity alone.

Even though he's unmistakably RoboCop, it's remarkable how complete a character can be as soon as you attach their accessories.

I haven't constructed a piece that consisted of such neutral colors, so it would've been cool to test him with various backgrounds. Perhaps if I have time to make my own Murphy I can continue the photo series.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mega Man

Super Smash Bros. is probably the most character fulfilling game I've ever played, and I'm super excited to see the newcomer characters for the upcoming releases. Since I've been asked to make more video game characters, I decided to commemorate the Super Smash Bros. addition of a personal childhood favorite: Mega Man!

The approach was a little daunting at first, as his look had to be robotic, but uniformed at the same time. I realized it was a matter of increasing, followed by abrupt decreasing, as well as inverse crocheting. The helmet was definitely the trickiest part, as I had to calculate a series of half, double, and slip stitches to create the right shapes. I'm especially happy with how well the shades of blue faired together, as it isn't always easy to match up the exact color.

You can catch this mega cutie in person while supplies last at World 8 in Los Angeles!