Friday, November 21, 2014


I've repeatedly fallen in love with cartoon and non-human characters throughout my life, but my first cyborg love was RoboCop. When I was a kid, I was really into reincarnation, and the idea of becoming a robot after death really resonated with me. So when my friend commissioned me to choose between making Popeye or RoboCop, I had to go with the latter.

Having just got done with the robotic yet soft Mega Man, it was a somewhat smooth transition to make RoboCop. Switching colors is always trickiest for me, so I ended up crocheting his face upside down to get the effect. His boxy Superman physique incorporated probably the most different stitches and techniques I've used in one extremity alone.

Even though he's unmistakably RoboCop, it's remarkable how complete a character can be as soon as you attach their accessories.

I haven't constructed a piece that consisted of such neutral colors, so it would've been cool to test him with various backgrounds. Perhaps if I have time to make my own Murphy I can continue the photo series.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mega Man

Super Smash Bros. is probably the most character fulfilling game I've ever played, and I'm super excited to see the newcomer characters for the upcoming releases. Since I've been asked to make more video game characters, I decided to commemorate the Super Smash Bros. addition of a personal childhood favorite: Mega Man!

The approach was a little daunting at first, as his look had to be robotic, but uniformed at the same time. I realized it was a matter of increasing, followed by abrupt decreasing, as well as inverse crocheting. The helmet was definitely the trickiest part, as I had to calculate a series of half, double, and slip stitches to create the right shapes. I'm especially happy with how well the shades of blue faired together, as it isn't always easy to match up the exact color.

You can catch this mega cutie in person while supplies last at World 8 in Los Angeles!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pizzah Time

It's been a minute, but as promised in my previous entry, I'm finally ready to release Pizzah for all!!! I wanted to make a pie worth of Pizzah, but I had too much fun crocheting all kinds of variations that I decided to just release them.

Since I couldn't stop at just a small slice of Pizzah...

...I made a miniature pizzah...

...Which then led to Pizzah bowties!

(Perfect for your clothes, hair, or puppy!)

Pizzahs are a little trickier to make with all the color switching and flat stitching, but they're one of my new favorite foods to make! Plus, since I don't write any of my patterns down, and the topping positions vary, it's hard to find the same looking Pizzah!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Burger Baby

Last year I was commissioned by Aaron of UHOH Toys to make a burger bride and groom for his friend's wedding. The result was too cute, and I was so happy to hear that the newlyweds loved them. I still can't help but smile every time I look at this photo of the bride with them on her wedding day: 

Fast forward nine months, and a baby burger girl was required to match the growing Burger Family. Weighing in at a couple ounces, a slider adorned with a giant bow and pink skirt was birthed!  

I have yet to see them united, but I was told that the Burger Family adorably sits together in their home. I haven't a clue as to what I'll do if they have a boy, but I'm super excited to watch this family expand!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mikey Turnt Down

There aren't many shows or icons out there that can not only survive for decades, but also revive themselves into the hearts of a younger generation. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has dominated the lives of most children of the '80s, and are an even fearsomer fighting team today. With all the new toys, cartoons, and movie coming out this year, it was only right for iam8bit to celebrate our favorite heroes in a half shell's 30 year anniversary with an art show.

So much of my childhood surrounded itself with love for the turtles, from countless hours on Turtles in Time, to secret daydreams of making Raphael mine. Some of the very first crochet pieces I made in 2005 were my Tiny Mutant Ninja Turtles:

For this art show, instead of doing my classic style, I wanted to do a larger scale parody piece. I've always admired the turtles' ability to devour so much pizza, yet still be able to fight crime at the beep of a turtle comm. I wanted to see a world where the turtles could just keep chilling in the sewers eating pizza 24/7, so I decided to crochet it to life. Even though Rapael is my favorite, for this spoof I had to use the most pizza obsessed, party dude there is -- Michaelangelo!

You can see my little tubby Mikey along with dozens of other totally rad Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles art on display till the end of July at iam8bit!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Belly Bones

I apologize for my recent absence, but the last month and a half of my life was dedicated to a rather large and intricate project. I was invited to iam8bit's second annual Grace and Ritual all-women art show. I struggled with the theme this year, "Hidden," because I was unsure of what hidden parts of my life were worth sharing and expressing with the public. But after sitting, and eating on the idea, I realized that my steady junk food habits are what keep me alive and make me, me. So I decided to do a large scale piece of a mini skeletal Leesasaur with my terribly great diet.

Although I've always enjoyed skeleton printed items, I haven't studied human skeletal anatomy since making a paper cut-out of one in grade school. I knew that my piece was going to be condensed, but I wanted to be somewhat exact about it, so I went through a lot of reference pictures, and re-educated myself on various parts. Ultimately, I struggled with the skull the most, but it turned into the most impressive part of Belly Bones. I was a bit hesitant to use any wiring at first, but ended up running wiring through about 85% of the body to make him articulated. Because the hands, feet, and head are the only non-enclosed extremities, I sprayed them with fabric stiffener for extra support.

Whenever I needed a little break from making bones, I worked on the diet section of my piece. I make smaller sizes of some of the food used, but the bacon, pizza, and ice cream cone are new pieces I love. I'm already working on pizza slices to put in the shop, so you can look forward to that!

I'm such a proud and happy mommy with how my Belly Bones turned out. I only wish I gave myself more time before a piece better seen in person, so try your best to stop by the iam8bit gallery before the end of May! If you're interested in adopting Belly Bones you can do so here.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lee DeWyze Fights

Last year, I was approached about my pieces, The Dead Essential and I Agore You Coyote being featured in a music video for American Idol winner, Lee DeWyze. Although I don't follow the show, I really enjoyed the music his manager sent me, and was stoked to help out. They had me create a mini Lee DeWyze with a guitar, and rent out a handful of amigurumi from my personal collection. I don't often make human figures, so that's always a tricky treat to do, but I think I managed pretty well! I actually love, and had the most difficulty making the guitar.

I'm only posting about this piece now, because they just released the music video for the single "Fight" two days ago! It's quite an action-packed love story focused on my Lee DeWyze and The Dead Essential figure (who looks a bit like his wife). You can check it out here:

I think my favorite part is the alien abduction scene, but I was pleasantly surprised by a lot of it. It's cool to see what magic people come up with when they listen to a song, especially because the storyboard I drafted for them that they didnt use, was so much different!

P.S. I don't know why they credited me as "leesa slay" in the video, but it's really me, guys!