Off to Star World

Yoshi has been my all time favorite Super Mario character since Super Mario World debuted. I love his face, his sounds, his movements, his attitude. I always use him when I play any Mario Kart or Smash Bros, and will opt to sit out a game if someone else wants to use him. I probably have the most novelty items of him than anything else in my life, and was even him for Halloween one year.

I realize because I love him so much, I always turn down people's requests to crochet him. I want to do him justice and maybe I am just afraid I'll never accomplish that. But the more projects I take on, and experiences I have, the more confidence I gain. So when I was recently commissioned to make Yoshi, I felt I was finally ready.

I wanted to try his body as one single piece with the tail, but the mathematics of it was just not working out for me, so I defaulted to individual pieces. Although all my stuffed Yoshis and Nintendo tees use tan colored boots, I have always remembered him with his red boots in Super Mario World, so I had to stay true to that. The most difficult part was figuring out his white undersides. I've never been so great at flat pieces, but I managed some patterns that work for me. It took me many trials and a couple of prototypes before I felt he was ready and perfect. The outcome is basically as intricate as my Link, if not more difficult.

Now that he's done, I want to make all the colors! Maybe I'll create Star World.


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