Super Mario Party

This Halloween was the most cohesive theme I've done since my mom would dress my sisters and I up when we were kids. Now that I live with my older sister, I cohabit with her three dogs as well, and so I suppose, they, or maybe I, became the replacement of a group theme. So, with much consideration and planning we decided on the perfect theme: Super Mario!

Leesasaur as Yoshi.

My sister as Peach.

Kilala as Mario.

Kitsune as Luigi.

Donnie as Bowser.

Pluto as Toad.

The Mario Party.

The Super Mario Gossip.

While my sister and I are both self-taught seamstresses, she is the complete backbone of the project. I'm really happy with how all the costumes turned out, yet sad to say, we never won ANY of the contests I applied for!