Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Music is Love

Music has always been very important to me. I just wanted to take the time to promote and thank all the bands whose music has helped my creativity and productivity this year. They have all made a really big inspirational impact on my life and I am so grateful for every note and lyric their minds took to create such beautiful melodies. I feel they are necessary to acknowledge because it is a very special talent to be able to make people feel completely whole, through music and art. The great deal of bravery and confidence it takes to put their work out there, is also very commendable.

Princess Chelsea
Very sweet keyboard beats with vocals that can be charmingly haunting. If ever there was a way to float on a cloud, her melodies would be the means of transportation. Altogether tranquil and fluffy, her music makes me want to be a calmer, better person... And I believe I have been since I discovered her.

Amazing solid rhythm with transcendental harmonies that are both subdued, and vigorous at the same time. The vocals are sung in this very powerfully raw and soulful conviction. Much like those cartoon pie aroma fingers that lure and float you in this fantastic overwhelming bliss, I cannot help but be swayed away. Their music makes me feel, really, really good... In other words, my version of Marvin Gaye. In fact, if they ever made a song with provocative lyrics, I probably wouldn't know what to do with myself.
I swear they put opium in their music. The melodies are beautifully fun and unpredictable, accompanied by a vocal range that is remarkable. Romanticism is very much alive and they managed to create some kind of love potion here. Their songs definitely made me realize I do have quite a heart because I can't help but want to fall in love whenever I listen... I know, weird.
This music is heavy on the bass lines with vocals that trail on a soothing detachment. There is always this feeling of longing and self-realization. My body implodes with a beat from deep within which makes it nearly impossible to not dance in a carefree disposition.

I can confidently say that the repeat button has, and will continue, to be hit when putting on any of these artists' music for the rest of my life. I don't care how cliché this sounds, but these bands have literally made my soul grow, and that is what being human is all about. We can feel, we can create, we can all inspire ourselves and others. Let's do this.

Saturday, December 24, 2011


For Christmas I decided to make my amazing boss and owner of JapanLA, Jamie, an amigurumi of her adorable tubby cat, Chibi.

For a while I have been wanting to use the brushed crochet technique, where you take a pet slicker and brush your amigurumi like crazy to achieve this fuzzy texture. I realize now I should have taken a before and after picture. I also obtained a bunch of different animal and colored eyes, and coincidentally had a similar matching eye color:

The brushing compromises the yarn to a point where the fastening of the extremities becomes a little jenky, so that is something I'll have to master. I couldn't completely do her cat justice, but I hope there are enough traces of similarities to make it identifiable!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Giant Monsters Attack Hawaii!

"You can hide, but you can't hide!" from Dane Neves short film, Giant Monsters Attack Hawaii! It is so cute and wonderful, and I am so happy Dane asked me to bring his characters to yarn! Back in 2009 he had me create Monkey Boy from his movie, Monkey Boy Fever, as well as the Evil Hooded Monster from his short, Live Evil:

I'm not sure how I would have done had I been given the task to create his monsters then, but I certainly utilized a few tricks picked up over the years to make these guys. I even ordered special eyes for a couple of them, which has inspired me to create more pieces with colored eyes as well!

Cruel: An octopus was the first amigurumi I had ever made, and I would enjoy making more of them if they didn't have so many legs! Thus, I tried to simplify the design by making his head and body one piece, but I am so terrible at that, so I ended up doing a few pieces to construct him.

Zillabong: I actually went back and forth with giving him an open mouth and a closed mouth. It was difficult because his head just kept getting bigger and bigger because of it, but in the end, I decided that since he always has this dopey look on his face, his mouth needs to be ajar.

Maulister: I ended up using triangular animal noses for the eyes rather than big rounded eyes to pull off a better insect look. I tried using fabric stiffener to keep his antennas up, but it didn't work out. I still think he pulls off the mischievous insect look without them up, though!

Abercrumble: I thought that he would be the most challenging to create, but he was actually the most fun and not as difficult as I thought. Every trial technique I used, worked, the whole way through production. Initially I was going to buy special yarn for his furry areas, then thought to use the brushed crochet method, but ended up just sewing and separating yarn. Aside from being the most bad ass monster in the film, he's got so many features I like, that he is absolutely my favorite.

I am really glad and thankful to have made these guys! With all the drive, imagination, and creativity, I can't wait to see what Dane makes next. I hope you get a chance to watch the film or at least support him by liking his movie Facebook page here!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Never Again

From now on, I am only accepting commissions for non-hideous characters. This project was by far the most disgustingly difficult challenge. My client wanted my Squidbillies ornaments I had made last year, but then added that I make Krystal as well.
It went against every cute nerve I harbor. I almost didn't post this because I was ashamed I had created something so disturbing. But I was given an ugly character, so I guess I did the ugliness justice and I have something to be proud of.

But I am never making her again. I would like to put this in the past and keep it there!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Sisterly Love

Families are the best! How could I pass off Ricardo Evangelho, the wonderful head of Arctic Empire Inc's, request to create his lovely sister in amigurumi form?

She's got cute hair, a cute dress, and a removable little vest!

What a sweet brother! I hope she loves it : )

Friday, December 2, 2011


Even though I still haven't played any versions of Mother, I do recognize my latest commission of Lucas, from Super Smash Bros. Like Ness, he is adorable! And even more so in keychain form!

I can't get over how amazing his hair is! I want my son to have this hairstyle.

Monday, November 28, 2011

I Am Your Future

For a while I have been wanting to expand my Star Wars amigurumi (because "twin suns of Tatooine taught me everything I know"), but most of the time I'm filling orders or making what I'm commissioned to make. That's why I was pleased when I was approached by a client to do some characters. She changed her mind a couple times but in the end decided to go with Darth Vader and young Anakin.

It was a really fun project and shoot! As you can see, even my turtle, Pluto, couldn't resist joining in! I also love that Anakin looks a bit like He-Man.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

French Toast Giveaway

I wanted to do a quick giveaway for the holidays! If you couldn't tell, my favorite piece to make and adorn, is my French Toast amigurumi! From now until Saturday, December, 3rd, 12:00am, you have a chance to don your very own!

I'm accepting multiple entries and submitting everyone in a random number generator to choose the winner!

Leave me a comment below with your email address and all the ways you helped spread the word for my French Toast Giveaway!


I can even have it mailed to a friend for the holidays : ) Good luck!

♥ Giveaway Closed! -- Lono'ae'a Pua'a Wins!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Fishy Surprise

After releasing my Yoshi amigurumi, my work caught the attention of Marie, a very fun and sweet new client of mine. She had seen my giant Bomb-omb and Goomba on Facebook, and requested I make her a "Hangyodon" that size. He is a Sanrio character that has recently resurfaced in light of the 2010 Sanrio 50th Anniversary, even though he was created over two decades ago. I hadn't known of him till I discovered him in my magnet set as well as pullover, and although I found him more disturbing than amusing, I took his recurrence as a signal that I should do this project.

It was challenging to find photos of his entire body, and I had to piece through multiple photos to get his exactness. In the end, I spent more time working on his gills and feet than anything else. I had to create the right proportions and detailing, and luckily, taking out double-stitching doesn't compromise the yarn much, because there was a lot of redoing and undoing.

After construction of him, I couldn't help but hug him and pose him in his wacky positions for my amusement. I grew somewhat attached, to the amigurumi of him at least, and now understand how Marie could find him attractive because of his silliness.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Jake the Dog

This project was created while watching copious amounts of Adventure Time. It's a fairly new animation series on Cartoon Network that I had only seen a few clips of prior to the commission. I already had an endearment for the character, Jake, for having the same voice as Bender from Futurama, who I love, so I was happy to create him. Plus the "Candy Kingdom" looks very similar to Leesasaur Kingdom!

This cartoon has all the right wackiness, cuteness, and fun music to make it appreciable, and I'm really glad that this project gave me the extra push to give the show an honest try.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Hello Childhood

My childhood was pretty saturated in Sanrio. I've always been a huge sticker and stationary collector so getting new items from them almost every weekend was a regular thing growing up. As the years went by, their characters became more of a hit or miss; however, I did grow an admiration for "Pandapple," which was the only Sanrio character I had made a couple years ago:

Now when I look at Sanrio items, I don't feel the same excitement as I used to, but they have become very nostalgic to me. So when I was commissioned to crochet Hello Kitty, I wanted to do her the way I remember her as a kid, in her yellow shirt and blue overalls.

I improvised to make her overalls look more realistic with the crisscross and buttons. After doing her and Ness, I realized I enjoy the bulky-leg look on my amigurumi, so maybe I'll start changing it up on my original pieces too.