Never Again

From now on, I am only accepting commissions for non-hideous characters. This project was by far the most disgustingly difficult challenge. My client wanted my Squidbillies ornaments I had made last year, but then added that I make Krystal as well.
It went against every cute nerve I harbor. I almost didn't post this because I was ashamed I had created something so disturbing. But I was given an ugly character, so I guess I did the ugliness justice and I have something to be proud of.

But I am never making her again. I would like to put this in the past and keep it there!


  1. bwahahahahaaa! i have never heard or seen this character before... but u did a great job. that looks incredibly difficult to make... and i wouldnt have been able to create it.

    why is she so obese?

  2. HAHHA Thanks guys!! And Jenn, I have no idea! But she is the mother of one of the squidbillies. hahaha


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