Squidbillified Christmas.

I was commissioned to turn some 2d hillbilly squids into amigurumi christmas ornaments! Last year, the buyer wrote me:

"We are huge fans of the show and wanted to get an ornament(s) for our first tree together. These are awesome! We found your shop by Google'ing "Aqua Teen Hunger Force ornaments. Yours are by far the best. :)"
This year, she wrote:
"We really loved the "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" ornaments we bought from you last year. I was just wondering if you think you could make us a set of "Squidbillies" for this year?"

With a sweet and doable-looking request like that, I gladly accepted. I figured the Squidbillies could be my new ATHF ornaments, but as of now, I'm not sure I have the amibition to tackle another set. I'm not gonna lie, I thought this was going to be a fairly easy project but it required a lot more trial and error improvisions than I imagined. There's always a struggle with a new project for me since I create every pattern on my own, but sometimes, like in this case, I initially neglect parts. There are always more details I want to incorporate when I begin construction on anything. With the Squidbillies, each character had their own tricky feature - Early's trucker hat, Granny's walker, Rusty's mullet - but I managed to complete each challenge and I think they turned out quite well!

I love being given the oportunity to create new things that I sometimes wouldn't have thought to make on my own, or hadn't the motivation or obligation to do before. But my favorite part of this project is that I get to contribute and be apart of someone's christmas tradition, or life, rather! It makes me very happy and proud of my work.


I just received feedback accompanied with a lovely photograph of their christmas tree!

"So impressed with the detail in these! Fans of the show and fans of foma! Thanks again! :)"


  1. Wow those are so fantastic! Does that mean I could hope one day for a Jareth/Goblin king project from you? ;-) Oh man now I'm drooling at the idea...ok I need to walk away and cool down haha!
    PS...need I remind you how wonderfully talented you are? :-)

  2. omg BOWIE! hahahha I wonder... y'never know!
    ps. you are my sweetheart!: )

  3. Could I please get a pattern for these?

  4. How much for Granny and early? And shipping. Can it be here before Xmas?


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