Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Princesses are in This Castle

Always looking for her in those castles, then having to hear her high-pitched squeals as she passes me in Mario Kart; I am really not a fan of Princess Peach. What's probably worst is Princess Daisy. Double-dashing against them is some serious torture. I honestly can't think of anything nice to say about them, so I'm not even going to try.

Yet, I wanted to take on a another project that involved hair styling, so when my brother-in-law asked me to make Princess Peach and Prince Daisy keychains, I was reluctant, but up for the challenge.

Surprisingly, I actually had fun because I rarely make dresses. The last time was for a little bunny I made within the first few months of crocheting:

But just because I had fun, doesn't mean I grew any feelings of endearment for these Princesses.

In real life, they got nothing on me and Yoshi.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Facebook Thumbs

Alright, so I never do this advertising bit, but I decided to whore my art away to a special someone who 'likes' my work. I want to bring some happiness your way by sharing my passion with you. Anyone who 'likes' my Facebook artist page will enter to win anything from my shop that is $25 value or lower. If you already 'like' me, you are terrific! If you want to share my creations with someone who might appreciate it, do it! Go ahead and create fake Facebook accounts (don't quote me on that) to 'like' me again, cause it just shows me how much belief you have in me!

On Monday, September 5th (whaaat!), I will put all your names into a hat and pick the winner - that could be YOU!

♥ ♥ ♥♥ GIVEAWAY CLOSED -- THOMAS Wins! ♥♥ ♥ ♥

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Your Friendly Neighbors

After making about ten Totoros over the years, I decided to finally accompany my most recent one with his two spirit friends.

It was actually really fun to make! Having the trio makes everything so adorable and complete now.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Angry Birds Pig

I don't have a fancy phone, nor have I ever played Angry Birds before, but that never really stopped me from taking on a custom order. My sister asked me to make the pig from the game and although she sent me the simple version of him, I looked up images and thought it would be fun to do the one of him adorned with a crown.

Even though I don't play the game, I had fun making this guy. It is actually probably a good idea I don't play it, as it would diminish my crochet time, and I'm already pretty lazy.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

To Dream in Neon

Recently, artist, Sukho, showed me some of his amazing work that is all done in fluorescent. Now, I could be biased because I don't look at much art, but I haven't seen art done in his manner, so it was really retro-ly refreshing to see his ultraviolet paintings and needle felting. The fluorescent covered me in nostalgia and I couldn't help but draw the similarities between his work and Lisa Frank. Growing up in the '90s I could not resist her cuddly neon animals and bright designs. It hasn't happened yet, but I have always hoped to dream in Lisa Frank. I collected her stickers, folders, pencil boxes, and I would probably still buy her stuff if I saw it at a store.

I became so overwhelmed and inspired by Sukho that I had to do a mini project to get the neon out of my system. Although I don't have ultraviolet spray paint, I decided to crochet a combination tribute of a Red Panda dressed in neon colors for him. Because I'm not accustomed to using nontraditional colors, it was pretty hard deciding not only which colors to use, but the color placement.

After doing this I actually feel a little boring. It makes me appreciate both artists' work and worlds a lot more. I love Inspiration Seesaws!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Agore You

I've been working on set/scene concepts for my pieces lately and am very excited to get orders done so I can work on an idea that's been elaborating in my mind as of recent. It deals with the reality and alternate reality of things. However, an accumulation of thoughts from brainstorming and going to the iam8bit show, struck a creative flame in me and I felt like I had to take a break from everything to extinguish it before it made me go insane.

I love gore, I love dark humor, I love cute, I love video games, - Why not mix them all together and see what kind of twisted world we get? Well, I got a gore fest of kamikaze Bomb-omb and Bullet Bill:

Their failure to take down Giant Goomba:

I'm still on my Inspiration Seesaw kick, so I just wanted to throw some excitement back. Happy thank yous and housewarming to iam8bit!

They make terrific desk companions, whether they be used to squeeze or used to compare how horrible your day was.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Yarn is My Frenemy

A week before my birthday, which coincidentally was a week before I moved to LA, I had my mind blown when I stumbled upon iam8bit. After watching their thirty second video of their previous art show, I was completely sold. I didn't know the process of contributing, and I didn't have high expectations, but I emailed them about it anyway, figuring the least I could do was try.

Then a day after my birthday, I received one of the best birthday gifts I have ever gotten: An email from iam8bit, telling me they'd love for me to be apart of their show! Because it was so late in submissions, I was specifically asked to make controller keychains rather than characters or anything else. Aside from the suggested Atari joystick, which would prove to phallic looking for my taste, my mind instantly started drooling of all these wonderful ideas, so I got to work immediately.

Even though I was extremely excited, I knew this would be a challenge for me. However, I couldn't possibly imagine exactly how much of a challenge it was. That night, I struggled till 4am, then decided that upon sleeping, I would awake with fresh ideas. The next day came and no matter how many different methods I tried, absolutely nothing was working. By evening I could barely see what I was crocheting because my eyes were welled up with tears of frustration. I had never been so depressed about art. I didn't understand why I couldn't do this and I didn't want to let anyone or myself down.

I also had an incredible amount of orders to fill that week, so against what I would normally do, I decided I could afford to give myself a week or so of a break. This was the best decision I would make. Within this time I was able to focus on the joy of crocheting again and regain the confidence I had in the craft and my skill.

The next time I began work, it was honestly like magic. I saw things clearer. The difficulty then was how many I could make before the deadline. So, despite wanting to do more, after working three 17 hours days in a row, I came out with three different keychains. The first is the Nintendo controller, which I am forever thankful to my sister for mailing me embroidery floss for because it gave me the clean look I needed.

I decided I wanted to do BFF/Frenemy keychains by creating the Duck Hunt Gun and the Duck Hunt Duck. The Duck was complicated because there were so many intricate parts. I definitely spent the most time on it but managed to pick up a new crochet technique in exchange!

For the Gun, I only had the Orange one growing up but realized it made me biased. My friend, JSalamander, suggested I do both colors to give everyone the option.

I also made a Super Nintendo controller but it was far too boring and as my sister stated, "not foma quality." So I ended up not producing these but thought I'd share anyway.

So this was the most terrible and the most amazing, but all in all the greatest, crochet experience. I cannot be more thankful for the opportunity and am so excited to see how the public accepts it.

Be sure to check out the Super iam8bit show because it's going to be terrifc. And don't forget to look for my exclusive work!