To Dream in Neon

Recently, artist, Sukho, showed me some of his amazing work that is all done in fluorescent. Now, I could be biased because I don't look at much art, but I haven't seen art done in his manner, so it was really retro-ly refreshing to see his ultraviolet paintings and needle felting. The fluorescent covered me in nostalgia and I couldn't help but draw the similarities between his work and Lisa Frank. Growing up in the '90s I could not resist her cuddly neon animals and bright designs. It hasn't happened yet, but I have always hoped to dream in Lisa Frank. I collected her stickers, folders, pencil boxes, and I would probably still buy her stuff if I saw it at a store.

I became so overwhelmed and inspired by Sukho that I had to do a mini project to get the neon out of my system. Although I don't have ultraviolet spray paint, I decided to crochet a combination tribute of a Red Panda dressed in neon colors for him. Because I'm not accustomed to using nontraditional colors, it was pretty hard deciding not only which colors to use, but the color placement.

After doing this I actually feel a little boring. It makes me appreciate both artists' work and worlds a lot more. I love Inspiration Seesaws!


  1. I looooooooooved Lisa Frank growing up, too! Those bright colors are amazing! I would love to have a neon owl!

  2. Oh that is cute! Maybe I should make one...


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