I Agore You

I've been working on set/scene concepts for my pieces lately and am very excited to get orders done so I can work on an idea that's been elaborating in my mind as of recent. It deals with the reality and alternate reality of things. However, an accumulation of thoughts from brainstorming and going to the iam8bit show, struck a creative flame in me and I felt like I had to take a break from everything to extinguish it before it made me go insane.

I love gore, I love dark humor, I love cute, I love video games, - Why not mix them all together and see what kind of twisted world we get? Well, I got a gore fest of kamikaze Bomb-omb and Bullet Bill:

Their failure to take down Giant Goomba:

I'm still on my Inspiration Seesaw kick, so I just wanted to throw some excitement back. Happy thank yous and housewarming to iam8bit!

They make terrific desk companions, whether they be used to squeeze or used to compare how horrible your day was.