Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Last year I embarked on a collaboration project that was to be the start of many, with my sister, Stefeni. She is wonderful in the paper craft department and obsessed with her cricut. She is constantly buying cartridges and supplies for scrapbooking and all the paper good arts you can think of. The project we came up with was creating a framed paper art scene featuring the same character in crochet form. We started at the same time, and Stef finished within the week, while I took on more than my my lazy mind wanted to handle. This is yet another classic example (See: Bomb-omb Goomba challenge) of me stretching myself to perfection but taking the tiniest steps to get there.

The scene we constructed was that of a seafoam octopus pirate scoping the backdrop shore. In this case, I wanted this octopus to have an underside of a different color, that including his bottom along with each of his eight legs. My least favorite part, although of course rewarding, is attaching all the extremities. I am not sure if this is because I crochet backwards, or if this is a frustrating task in general, but getting the parts situated exactly as I want can get pretty challenging. That being said, my contribution to this project has been sitting like this for about a year:

After numerous efforts, I was able to construct his pirate hat. The yarn almost defeated me with this task to the point of contemplating substituting it for felt instead! But alas, everything has been secured, along with little pink cheeks, and now finally I can debut the finished products in a nifty line I call: Yarnovision.

I think the next one I had in mind was featuring a squirrel but who knows what I'll feel like doing in the future. If you have any suggestions, pitch 'em to me and we'll see what we can do!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Turtle Stimulus

As a pet, Pluto is pretty low maintenance, but most people are shocked by his personality and habits. It was discovered that when a vibrant object such as a painted nail or a sticker is placed in front of him, he begins an intense stare then proceeds to raise his arms up and flair his fingers rapidly at the object.

I brought this behavior up to my friend who had a turtle for a while, and she said hers did the same thing! She later informed me that it is actually part of a mating ritual. While I love Pluto, and am devoted to him, I am not about to get another turtle. But I do from time to time put a triceratops finger puppet up to him, and now, two little relax bears I got from the awesome JapanLA shop.

It may be a love-hate relationship, but at least I am keeping him stimulated. Plus it is pretty cute.

Friday, March 25, 2011


I have been thinking about working on a picture storybook for the past two weeks. I'm really excited because it will feature my writing and my crochet work. The ideas and concepts keep flowing and I can't wait for my inspiration to strike me so I can finally just do it! What always helps me, besides doing and seeing new things, is looking back at past times and thoughts I've had. Enter these two beauty pieces from a decade ago!

The first is a classic leesa humor poem that, given the opportunity today, I would most likely write exactly the same way. The second is probably the first short story I wrote that made me want to do children's literature. I hope they both bring fun times to you! Enjoy :D


To the zipper creator:

You pull it up,
You pull it down,
They're on your jackets,
They're on your pants,
don't forget to pull them back up!
Watch your skin,
You can get cut,
You pull it down-you pull it up!
They're funny.

Your fascinated fan,


Can't stop now! Keep going! If I stop now, I know I won't make it. Oh, but I'm so very tired. Too tired to go on anymore. Ouch! I've got side pain and I seem to be slowing down. No! I must have the will power to go on. My feet ache in these old under-sized sneakers, and it feels like the laces are loosening off. I knew I should have double knotted them before I left school. But I can't think of that right now; just keep running.

Why does that mean old bully, Simon, have to pick on me? Why can't he just leave me alone? I wish I could just lock him up and throw away the key. That'll teach him not to mess with me. Nobody deserves to be hunted down like that. What'd I do to make him so upset? Hmmm, maybe it's because I never shared my peanut butter and jelly sandwich with him yesterday. Yea, that's probably it! How selfish of me. Then again, how was I suppose to know he wanted some?

Well, I just have to keep on running. Home's not far from here now. But what if he catches me? Oh, I can't bare the thought. Maybe he won't hurt me. Who am I kidding, he wouldn't chase me four blocks down just for nothing. Hopefully my mom will be waiting at the door, so I can run in. Hopefully.

Homes just three houses down! I can make it! I know I can! Oh no! Now he's just tailing me. If I stop my pace down a second, I know I won't make it. Time to speed up. I can see my mom waiting at the door. I'm scared out of my mind. What if I trip?! Almost there, just a little more! Mom! Mom! Hurry, hurry! I slammed the door behind us. All I could hear was Mr. Parker's dog, Simon, barking away. Tomorrow I'll share my sandwich with him.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


The other night I was prepping a mug for my "You Look Good Enough to Eat" mirror wall art collection (which I have sadly only made one of thus far), when an amusing idea hit me: What if I exchanged my usual smiling rosey-cheeked mug for a mustached hipster mug.

A couple years ago before quiting a job, I crocheted a mini mocha mug keychain for a coffee-addicted coworker, and have since wanted to make more, but never got around to it. All but one of the mugs I have ever crocheted have been white, and knowing that natural wear and use will ultimately discolor an accessory item, I cringe at the thought of producing future dirty white keychains. But I can't deny my attraction to white mugs, so I chose white, a nice honeydew, and a seafoam color for my prototypes. I think I could get away with making these mugs in a lot of different colors and it still be cute, so I'm excited about that option.

After mentioning my "mustached mug keychain" idea to Facebook friend and supporter, Mike Toomey, he automatically thought mug as in beer mug. What a classic (mis)interpretation! I immediately drew a sketch and got to work. I knew the trickiest part would be creating beer head. I used the "bobble" technique I picked up from making a cherry pie to imitate the foam. The trick was to create these excess bobbles at random sections while not affecting, but still increasing, the base shape at the same time. I then used double-crochet stitches as I do when I make frosted donuts, to fold and create the appearance of foam over the sides of the mug. The end product reminds me of popcorn and Colonel Sanders, but I think it came out pretty successful.

These are two fun and great additions to my collection. I'm excited and hope you'll get a kick out of 'em.