The other night I was prepping a mug for my "You Look Good Enough to Eat" mirror wall art collection (which I have sadly only made one of thus far), when an amusing idea hit me: What if I exchanged my usual smiling rosey-cheeked mug for a mustached hipster mug.

A couple years ago before quiting a job, I crocheted a mini mocha mug keychain for a coffee-addicted coworker, and have since wanted to make more, but never got around to it. All but one of the mugs I have ever crocheted have been white, and knowing that natural wear and use will ultimately discolor an accessory item, I cringe at the thought of producing future dirty white keychains. But I can't deny my attraction to white mugs, so I chose white, a nice honeydew, and a seafoam color for my prototypes. I think I could get away with making these mugs in a lot of different colors and it still be cute, so I'm excited about that option.

After mentioning my "mustached mug keychain" idea to Facebook friend and supporter, Mike Toomey, he automatically thought mug as in beer mug. What a classic (mis)interpretation! I immediately drew a sketch and got to work. I knew the trickiest part would be creating beer head. I used the "bobble" technique I picked up from making a cherry pie to imitate the foam. The trick was to create these excess bobbles at random sections while not affecting, but still increasing, the base shape at the same time. I then used double-crochet stitches as I do when I make frosted donuts, to fold and create the appearance of foam over the sides of the mug. The end product reminds me of popcorn and Colonel Sanders, but I think it came out pretty successful.

These are two fun and great additions to my collection. I'm excited and hope you'll get a kick out of 'em.


  1. oh my goodness those are too cute! Next stop a pint of Guinness! :)

  2. Can you do a root beer one? Those would be perfect for the underage kids! ;)

  3. haha I could... it would have to have maybe a black or grey mustache! I love root beer. That reminds me of when I tried to order root beer on the plane once and the guy wouldn't allow me! He said I wasn't old enough and I said, for a root beer!? Then he laughed nervously and told me I could be any age for that. hahah


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