I have been thinking about working on a picture storybook for the past two weeks. I'm really excited because it will feature my writing and my crochet work. The ideas and concepts keep flowing and I can't wait for my inspiration to strike me so I can finally just do it! What always helps me, besides doing and seeing new things, is looking back at past times and thoughts I've had. Enter these two beauty pieces from a decade ago!

The first is a classic leesa humor poem that, given the opportunity today, I would most likely write exactly the same way. The second is probably the first short story I wrote that made me want to do children's literature. I hope they both bring fun times to you! Enjoy :D


To the zipper creator:

You pull it up,
You pull it down,
They're on your jackets,
They're on your pants,
don't forget to pull them back up!
Watch your skin,
You can get cut,
You pull it down-you pull it up!
They're funny.

Your fascinated fan,


Can't stop now! Keep going! If I stop now, I know I won't make it. Oh, but I'm so very tired. Too tired to go on anymore. Ouch! I've got side pain and I seem to be slowing down. No! I must have the will power to go on. My feet ache in these old under-sized sneakers, and it feels like the laces are loosening off. I knew I should have double knotted them before I left school. But I can't think of that right now; just keep running.

Why does that mean old bully, Simon, have to pick on me? Why can't he just leave me alone? I wish I could just lock him up and throw away the key. That'll teach him not to mess with me. Nobody deserves to be hunted down like that. What'd I do to make him so upset? Hmmm, maybe it's because I never shared my peanut butter and jelly sandwich with him yesterday. Yea, that's probably it! How selfish of me. Then again, how was I suppose to know he wanted some?

Well, I just have to keep on running. Home's not far from here now. But what if he catches me? Oh, I can't bare the thought. Maybe he won't hurt me. Who am I kidding, he wouldn't chase me four blocks down just for nothing. Hopefully my mom will be waiting at the door, so I can run in. Hopefully.

Homes just three houses down! I can make it! I know I can! Oh no! Now he's just tailing me. If I stop my pace down a second, I know I won't make it. Time to speed up. I can see my mom waiting at the door. I'm scared out of my mind. What if I trip?! Almost there, just a little more! Mom! Mom! Hurry, hurry! I slammed the door behind us. All I could hear was Mr. Parker's dog, Simon, barking away. Tomorrow I'll share my sandwich with him.