Last year I embarked on a collaboration project that was to be the start of many, with my sister, Stefeni. She is wonderful in the paper craft department and obsessed with her cricut. She is constantly buying cartridges and supplies for scrapbooking and all the paper good arts you can think of. The project we came up with was creating a framed paper art scene featuring the same character in crochet form. We started at the same time, and Stef finished within the week, while I took on more than my my lazy mind wanted to handle. This is yet another classic example (See: Bomb-omb Goomba challenge) of me stretching myself to perfection but taking the tiniest steps to get there.

The scene we constructed was that of a seafoam octopus pirate scoping the backdrop shore. In this case, I wanted this octopus to have an underside of a different color, that including his bottom along with each of his eight legs. My least favorite part, although of course rewarding, is attaching all the extremities. I am not sure if this is because I crochet backwards, or if this is a frustrating task in general, but getting the parts situated exactly as I want can get pretty challenging. That being said, my contribution to this project has been sitting like this for about a year:

After numerous efforts, I was able to construct his pirate hat. The yarn almost defeated me with this task to the point of contemplating substituting it for felt instead! But alas, everything has been secured, along with little pink cheeks, and now finally I can debut the finished products in a nifty line I call: Yarnovision.

I think the next one I had in mind was featuring a squirrel but who knows what I'll feel like doing in the future. If you have any suggestions, pitch 'em to me and we'll see what we can do!


  1. He's so happy! That pirate hat just slays me it's so cute :)

    I love your sister's koalas, pandas are cute, and you know I love owls :)


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