Monday, September 27, 2010

Bread for Tina

I love my friend, Christina. She has been an awesome support throughout my life. It's difficult maintaining friendships through long distance and time, but friends like Tina and I, can pick up without any lapses of misjudgement or awkward silences. I'm thankful we connect on the same and various levels. I noticed her sudden interest in baking, as she started posting photos of baked goods in an album entitled, "Bread by Tina." So, I decided to make her a slice of cherry pie for her birthday!

I want to thank her for being such a refreshing delight in my world.

The Heart Butt Cup

I know I make cute things, but my coworker really pushed me when he wanted a big sappy heart-shaped wedding pillow featuring the name of him and his bride. He also wanted an anime-like boy and girl on the backside of it. It pushed me because it's something I can do, but it's not quite my style nor something that I prefer to do. It did however, take me some time to make because I had to create my own pattern for the heart and figure out the size proportions, and let's just say, math is not my favorite subject. For a long time, along with countless half-stitching and un-crocheting, the pillow resembled, what I will refer to as a "butt cup." It wasn't flattering and it was also difficult to determine where it was all going, and if it would even get there. After I was done with the heart, I completely improvised on the rest of the design. I don't usually do flat pieces, nor human, nor writing in yarn, so it was all trial and error. The product actually turned out well and my coworker really liked it:

My only hope now is that I will never receive a request like this again. I guess it's good to show diversity in my work, but I don't want to be known for doing heart butt cups.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Little Terrorizer

It is really not easy being a crafter in a house full of dogs. The constant fur has been one problem, but now I have a 12 pound problem even harder to fight off: Puppy. At first it was kindof cute when she would steal my dolls that were as big as her head, because she would carry them lightly like a little girl with her doll, parading around the room. It was even funny to find one laying somewhere random from where I placed it. However, soon, because I wasn't scolding her for doing it, it started to become an annoyance. She started stealing my dolls more frequently and I began to worry what might happen to them if left out long enough fending for themselves. Then, trouble increased when I started crocheting her things to play with instead of my dolls. She then felt like she was invited to anything yarn-formed:

Luckily I was only at the beginning of this project, so I just let her have it for herself. It was however, her last big hurrah because I don't let her get near my projects anymore. Now, the little terrorizer is back to squeaky toys (and anything else she decides to thieve)!

Although, this photo looks more like an evil plot to steal again is in her head! "Till next time!"

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ewoks: Hunters by Day, Lovers by Night.

Through the magical workings of twitter, I was able to meet an amazing couple, @Eshcii and @CALiz3. Contrary to unfortunate internet-to-real-life experiences I've had in the past, the experience of first meeting these two was pretty awesome. We met at the San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park and I had a great time:

The thing about twitter, for those who genuinely use it, is that it's unfiltered, so a lot of real thought goes into it. People I tweet to on twitter know more about my life than probably all the "friends" I have on facebook (that is, if they choose to read my tweets!). So I guess it's kindof hard to not be who you are on twitter, or at least easy to see who's not who they are on twitter. That being said, I'm glad they both turned out to be real, genuine people. I was also very glad to hear of their engagement earlier this year, so glad that I wanted to make something for them. Liz had expressed her interest in Star Wars previously, and I had just enough yarn to make two mini ewoks. I thought, why not have an ewok matrimony, and that's exactly what I did:

The great thing about these ewoks, other than the obvious cute factor, is that their hoods are removable so you can interchange their looks! Happy engagement!