The Heart Butt Cup

I know I make cute things, but my coworker really pushed me when he wanted a big sappy heart-shaped wedding pillow featuring the name of him and his bride. He also wanted an anime-like boy and girl on the backside of it. It pushed me because it's something I can do, but it's not quite my style nor something that I prefer to do. It did however, take me some time to make because I had to create my own pattern for the heart and figure out the size proportions, and let's just say, math is not my favorite subject. For a long time, along with countless half-stitching and un-crocheting, the pillow resembled, what I will refer to as a "butt cup." It wasn't flattering and it was also difficult to determine where it was all going, and if it would even get there. After I was done with the heart, I completely improvised on the rest of the design. I don't usually do flat pieces, nor human, nor writing in yarn, so it was all trial and error. The product actually turned out well and my coworker really liked it:

My only hope now is that I will never receive a request like this again. I guess it's good to show diversity in my work, but I don't want to be known for doing heart butt cups.