Friday, December 18, 2009

A Monster of a Task

Fellow twigga @john_swaggerdap came to me with the task to create characters Sulley and Mike from Pixar's Monster's Inc for him before Christmas. I really wanted to help him out and the characters were bold and alluring enough for me to want to try. I told him to give me two days. At first I thought the worst of my problems was painting Sully's nose the precise color with cheap acrylic paint, but around the end of day two I started worrying because I hadn't realized how detailed he was! I finally finished him the next day:

But my task wasn't over yet! I hadn't even begun on Mike. Lucky for me he is less than half the size of Sulley, but even he proved a challenge with his skinny little legs! I ended up inserting wires to hold him up and hoping these dolls weren't going to children. It took me three days, but the result was quite awesome:
I really want to thank John for pitching these guys to me and supporting my creations. I had only seen the movie once, so I would have never thought to make them.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Super Mario Party

This Halloween was the most cohesive theme I've done since my mom would dress my sisters and I up when we were kids. Now that I live with my older sister, I cohabit with her three dogs as well, and so I suppose, they, or maybe I, became the replacement of a group theme. So, with much consideration and planning we decided on the perfect theme: Super Mario!

Leesasaur as Yoshi.

My sister as Peach.

Kilala as Mario.

Kitsune as Luigi.

Donnie as Bowser.

Pluto as Toad.

The Mario Party.

The Super Mario Gossip.

While my sister and I are both self-taught seamstresses, she is the complete backbone of the project. I'm really happy with how all the costumes turned out, yet sad to say, we never won ANY of the contests I applied for!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sisterly Pumpkin Carving

My outlook on pumpkin carving has completely changed since I was a child. Growing up, when we would have a family pumpkin to carve, we'd use a regular knife and make generic jack-o-lantern faces. Sometimes my mom would buy us mini pumpkins and we'd draw with permanent markers on them, and sometimes I even carved mine. When I moved to Washington for college, pumpkins there were cheap and abundant! I bought one and my friend and I carved it with a kitchen knife together. While we were carving, he kept telling me how difficult it was and that we should have gotten a kit. I had no idea what he was talking about because this technique was the only one I knew of! The next year I bought a pumpkin kit with pattern paper and everything. Boy, did that open a world of wonders! I couldn't believe HOW EASY it was and all the different variations you could do. I realized intricate pumpkins I had seen before, were not even that difficult to do with the right tools, and now I had those tools!

This Halloween I wanted to test my creativity as well as introduce my sister to carving with real tools. She was just as amazed as I was! We decided to make our favorite MarioKart characters:

Leesasaur's Yoshi.
My sister's Toad.

These were our first tries at pattern making and I think we did pretty well! Sadly my yoshi didn't even last a full day in the heat! He shriveled and began to mold within the coming days. My friend told me the key is to coat the pumpkin with Vaseline, so I will have to remember that come next Halloween!