Bubble Bubby and Company

Four years ago, I spent hours of my life laboring over Bubble Lush, a project compromised of 578 handmade pieces crocheted together. History repeated itself, as I spent two months of my life contributing to yet another Bubble Bobble piece. This time, I had my imagination set on a fully functioning bubble blowing dragon!

I went through the process of testing and trying to construct around a total of four different bubble machines. There was a lot of discouragement and frustration, but I couldn't tear myself away from making this dragon a reality. 

"Bubble Bubby"

Plus a couple of those evil enemies, who I found are named, "Stoner" and "Bubble Buster."

I wanted to do a new video game inspired keychain, as well, and decided to go way back to my favorite portable device: Gameboy. 

I kept my crochet design simple, but made sure to include an important detail: Battery light! Not only did I have to worry about my mortality in the game, but it was imperative that I kept a constant vigilance on that red dot!

Introducing... "Gameby"

I'm excited to do different variations of Gameby in the future! It's incredible how much video games have shaped me as a child, and continue to do so in my life. Reflecting on the joy they've given me, and strong influence they have on my life and art, make me forever grateful for their existence. Thank you to iam8bit for inviting me to their 10th anniversary art show, and for keeping the "retro" gaming spirit alive!

2011 with "Bubble Lush" at Gallery Nucleus and 2015 with "Bubble Bubby" at iam8bit Gallery