My Life in Video Games

So Gallery Nucleus held a convention for the Southern California Classic Collectors, featuring an arcade party as well as retro video game and arcade art contributed by PixelDrip! Of course I was all over this. I wanted to do two pieces based on my gluttony.

The first piece is an amigurumi of Blobert from probably my favorite NES game, A Boy and his Blob. In case you didn't know, the premise is a young boy just trying to get through Blobolonia with his friend Blobert who loves jellybeans. Depending on the jellybean flavor he is fed, Blobert will transform into tools for him and the boy to travel through this planet. He can be a ladder, flamethrower, umbrella, and much more! Just don't feed him ketchup flavor, because he hates those!

Conceptual Art.

Refining details.

Goes well with my other piece in the background.
"Glutton Blob"

Guess how many jellybeans and win a prize!

The other piece is a technique I have wanted to do since December. I had actually been working on a much larger scaled piece but the game is not old enough to be considered retro quite yet, so I took another favorite childhood game, Bubble Bobble, and turned it glutton! I used to go to the fast food place by my apartment in college just to play this game on the arcade. To sum up the game, you are a cute dinosaur who must capture your enemies in bubbles and then collect the items they transform into after their death, like fruit, gems or drinks!

Before I realized the daunting task of background.

Calculating shrink and stretch span.

Really putting my back into it!

Close up.

"Bubble Lush"

60+ hours of work for 578 crocheted squares crocheted together!

Both pieces gave me so much trouble but I loved doing them all the way through. This is my first art show that I whole-heartedly got to do what I wanted. I was also happy to see two inspirational artists, JSalavador and Sukho show off their incredible pieces as well!

Both "Glutton Blob" and "Bubble Lush" are up for sale. If you're interested, please contact me at !


  1. Congratulations on your epic creations, one rounded, one squared :) Your artistry & persistence are super-admirable. And congratulation on your glutton-themed gallery debut... They were lucky to have you!!

  2. You are amazing, Howie! Thank you for the constant support and inspiration.

  3. hahaha! i was just playing bubble bobble on the wii the other weekend. the game is able to be loaded on to the wii for free. :) i love you pieces! i wish i could be there to attend your shows & support you! great job lisa! i makes me happy that youve found what you really looove doing, and ur great at it!

  4. Awwwh thanks so much! I wish you were here too. And you are actually really close to the jellybean count! hahaha


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