I've repeatedly fallen in love with cartoon and non-human characters throughout my life, but my first cyborg love was RoboCop. When I was a kid, I was really into reincarnation, and the idea of becoming a robot after death really resonated with me. So when my friend commissioned me to choose between making Popeye or RoboCop, I had to go with the latter.

Having just got done with the robotic yet soft Mega Man, it was a somewhat smooth transition to make RoboCop. Switching colors is always trickiest for me, so I ended up crocheting his face upside down to get the effect. His boxy Superman physique incorporated probably the most different stitches and techniques I've used in one extremity alone.

Even though he's unmistakably RoboCop, it's remarkable how complete a character can be as soon as you attach their accessories.

I haven't constructed a piece that consisted of such neutral colors, so it would've been cool to test him with various backgrounds. Perhaps if I have time to make my own Murphy I can continue the photo series.