Burgery Matrimony

I've been insanely prepping for New York Comic Con, so I was only able to take on one custom project as of recent, and boy, was it a cheesy one. The terrific creator of UHOH Toys, Aaron, asked me to crochet a burger couple for his friends' wedding. Since burgers are near and dear to me (health and mind-wise), I was thrilled with the idea of two burgers in love.

Enlarging the proportions of my Cheesyburger was simple enough, but just like the hours of shopping and altering it takes for real brides, the wedding dress was a grueling task! From her veil, sleeves, and gown, all parts were retried and redone countless times till they were perfect. I even did a bit of bead work to give her dress that extra wedding glamour.

Looks like these burgers should have used a condiment!

As you can see, I had a lot of fun with the wedding shoot. I couldn't be more obsessed with these burger lovers! I hope the recipient bride and groom love them just as much as I do.


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