Since moving to Los Angeles last July, I have been almost-to-completely supporting my lifestyle with income solely from my art. But it gets tiring, and I'm new, and my labor wasn't always cutting it -- So! Last month, I picked up a full-time job to fund my endeavors. It's been different and challenging to not only work a new job, but to no longer be my own boss.

Although I'm not a terribly social person, I became friends with Saul, a fellow worker, emerging graphic artist, and sharer of the same birthday as me! We have both been having difficulties handling the job stress, but we share the same humor, so it's been really fun lightening the mood by exchanging jokes with one another. I was really excited when he told me he is now finally a US citizen, and I wanted to make him a congratulatory gift. I was going to give him a French Toast keychain, but realized that wouldn't be fitting at all. I had to think American, and then I thought: cheeseburger.

I'm a big fat girl at heart, so Cheesyburger has taken the lead as my current favorite. Plus, he makes a terrific pair with Mugstached Beer!

It's been a stressful and exhausting month, and it killed me to come home and not have the energy to create. But I think I am finally growing accustomed to my new schedule, and more importantly, I am so happy to still find inspiration and motivation even when my time is stunted.


  1. Your work is so well made! I know this because I have a french toast of yours! Keep up the great work! Its always exciting to keep up on your new creations! So talented! <3

  2. Awwh you're so sweet! Thanks so much for the encouragement, and of course, DITTO to you! I always get compliments on my french toast ring : )

  3. fun fact: The Cheesburger was invented in Colorado!

  4. I hope I can use that in trivia sometime!


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