Out of all the dental visits in my quarter-century life, I never enjoyed a single one until last summer, when I was fortunate to find a dentist who I actually really liked. Honestly, I think that's a miraculous thing, and all dentists should strive to overturn that fear and dentistry loathing most humans possess! Anyway, I really wanted to make him a tooth, but never got around to it. Coincidentally, an old college friend, Mimi, asked me to crochet some cute teeth for her as gifts for her instructors.

I knew I wanted to make a happy tooth, and a damaged tooth, but then I excited myself when I thought up a crowned tooth.

For fun I used an ice cream scoop from my Banana Split piece to fashion a sweet tooth:

I showed Mimi the prototypes, and she decided on having different colored crowned teeth with cheeks and eyelashes.

I never thought I'd have such an enjoyable time with teeth, but I did.


  1. that it's so lovely
    I wonder If you can give me the pattern or tell me where I can find it, I will appreciate so much

  2. These are so cute!! Do you have a pattern for this? Thanks!


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