A MiniTiger BerryLove Story

This past March, I was finally able to see Miniature Tigers when they were on tour promoting their newest album, Mia Pharaoh. The show was a day before the album release, so I was excited to hear all their new songs. Mia Pharaoh features a strawberry on the cover, so I was going to bring a Damaged Goods Strawberry to them, but I wasn't very confident about it. During the show, I was so overwhelmed with their performance that I decided I wanted to make a strawberry for each band member. After the show, JSalamander and I spoke with the talented lead singer/guitarist, Charlie. He was incredibly sweet, and also excited about the strawberries, promising to send me contact info later.

When I threw in their cd for the first time, I was brainstorming on strawberry production. Then the song, "Cleopatra" came on. It was only the second time I had heard it, and I instantly fell back into the time they played it at the show. I remember turning to J and telling him, "Even though I am getting their album, for sure, if for some reason I wasn't going to, THIS SONG would be the reason I buy it." So I began sketching character strawberries and storyboarding:

Although it was frustrating at times, I couldn't settle for using computer graphics to solve problems, so it took us a few days to film and edit. But it was a very exciting learning process, and I love all the experience I have gained from it. I'm very thankful to have J's technical knowledge and insight, as well as patience with my requests! As every artist should, I like to challenge myself with every project, so working with J to figure out shots and methods was a collaboration bonus. I hope this video brings many smiles and cheers with its angsty yet adorable content. I don't know if or when it will be pulled down due to copyright issues, but I couldn't help riding the inspiration seesaw again. Thank you, Miniature Tigers, for inspiring creation.

Please be advised that this video does contain mature language.