Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shy Guy Invasion

I'll be the first to admit I'm not a fan of Shy Guy. Ever since their creepy annoying encounters on Yoshi Island, they have not been on my good side. That being said, my close friend, Jenn, requested I make a Shy Guy, so I did, for her.

When Google browsing images, a hot pink version Shy Guy with purple boots showed up. I thought this would be perfect for Jenn because I always remembered her as "hot pink" since high school.

The trickiest part was replicating the tiny draped hood because I worked bottom to top and didn't have much leeway to conquer the smoothed-over-excess-look. I do like making accessories though, so it was fun adorning the mask and strap onto his face.

This was supposed to be a surprise portion of her Christmas gift, but I have been so lazy with shipping (since I actually have find a box large and sturdy enough, then go into the post office and ship by weight), that I decided to just debut it now because it's been done and ready for so long. Not only that, but because her friend requested Shy Guys as well, so I made miniature versions of the standard Shy Guy colors: Red, Green, and Yellow.

While I still don't like the masked guys, I will say that in amigurumi form and as a collection, they look pretty legit.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Identity Crisis Kirby

I cannot tell you the endless amount of hours I used to spend playing Super Smash Bros. on N64 with my siblings. I always played as Yoshi and my little sister usually played as Kirby or Mario. The first time she inhaled my Yoshi, I was shocked, then amazed! Kirby transformed into a mini Yoshi, adorned with hat and ability to lay eggs. It did get annoying really fast when she would continually do it, but still, it was a cute concept. We tried out every Kirby character. We even spent time doing this Donkey Kong-Jigglypuff glitch that I probably shouldn't mention... But continuing on topic, Kirby is pretty awesome in this game. So I wanted to do a tribute project.

I started this a couple weeks ago but I got lazy with the finishing touches up till now. I am happy to put this project out because it's so playful and fun!

Kirby as Mario

Kirby as Yoshi

Who will Kirby take form of next??

What's great is that all you need is one Kirby amigurumi and a collection of accessories to complete the different looks (Unless they're hair extensions, like Jigglypuff). I expect this project to go on for a while, or at least till I get tired of it!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Tennis is a husband-wife duo band that I have been following since their "Marathon" single debuted fresh in June 2011 on gorillavsbear. I fell in love with not only their whimsicle music, but by the concept of their personal journey sailing together being shared with me. Their first full-length album, Cape Dory, was released last month, and it comes highly recommended by me. Prepare to be swooned as I was! So swooned that when I read they were coming to San Diego in February, I just had to go, and I had to crochet them something that captured the essence of their love and adventures on the sea as best I could.

I knew I wanted to do sea birds but I wasn't sure how to distinguish them as Tennis. At one point I even thought to make a "sea bear" because their album doesn't come equipped with lyrics and I thought "sea bear" was being sang rather than "seafarer." But it helped because I imagined a bear with a little sailor cap and kept that idea. Then when I shifted back to the sea bird idea, I remembered Tennis were always wearing wayfarer sunglasses in their photos!

Since they are a brand new band, the venue, Tin Can Alehouse, was really small and actually a pretty cool place. This enabled me to be up close to the music and for the first time, I got to meet and talk with the band. I first procured the setlist and then presented Patrick with the loveseabirds. His eyes lit up!

They were the nicest most sweetest people. Alaina told me the amigurumi were the best thing they have ever gotten. I told them there would be more gifts because everyone is going to love them.

I asked, "Where to next?" She didn't know and had to ask Patrick, who was also unsure! Then she said maybe the Caribbean. It blew my mind and I told her I was going to suggest that but I didn't want to sound too stereotypical! Honest.

I recorded awesome footage of their music as well as their two new songs that you can catch on my youtube channel. I even got their signatures!

I may have had a little bit too much to drink, mixed with the general excitement, but my adrenaline was pumping to meet them and have my heart to heart. Here's some evidence via video (Sorry, the video became darker once uploaded):

All in all, it was a fantastic experience! I am so thankful and happy that Tennis decided to take their lovely relationship on a boat, as well as share those experiences with us in such beautiful melodies. I wish them success and safe traveling! And who knows, maybe they will take my suggestion and tie up the loveseabirds as dice to hang in their boat!