Sunday, March 27, 2016

Feeling the Bern

I've never been very talkative about my political views, but this 2016 Presidential election is too important not to discuss my concerns and share support. Our country is being divided and stifled on so many levels socially, racially, economically, globally, and the next President will be pivotal in changing our lives for the better or worse. Reading through his campaign issues, solutions, and history, Senator Bernie Sanders is the only guiding and truthful nominee for president. He has fought for and stuck true to his convictions throughout the decades, and he will continue to do so as he cannot be bought by corporations. This means Bernie is fighting purely for the 99% of us Americans who are struggling and ready for change.

As the election draws nearer, it is imperative that Americans understand the importance and stand together behind a leader who is looking out for our best interests and safety. It truly disheartens me when Bernie support is reciprocated with "he's too idealistic," because I believe we deserve to be taken care of by a peaceful leader like him who believes in equal rights and the well-being of our world. We deserve a leader who will take on Wall Street, has the foresight to prevent conflict, cares about our planet, but mostly, a leader who inspires us to never give up on a better life.

I crocheted a little Bernie to endorse my support, and now he'll be available for purchase at where I'll be donating a portion of the proceeds to the Bernie Sanders campaign.


The GOP has gone to such extreme views, that it truly feel like it's Siths versus Jedis. More than ever our country needs a leader, and I urge you to not fall to the dark side. If the Siths win, we will continue to struggle, and lose the advancement of human rights and equality we fought these past decades for (that is, until the planet becomes engulfed by the fossil fuel toxins). But if the Jedis win, we have a chance to strengthen our nation's quality of life, and transform a more sustainable future. I encourage you to listen to what Bernie Sanders has to say, and be apart of the political revolution.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Virtual Cat Lady

Over the past few months, I have been taking mini trips into a wonderful backyard of adorable digital kitties with the app 'Neko Atsume.' With so many freemium games that pressure you to keep playing or tempt you to pay to advance levels, 'Neko Atsume' is the first game that totally relaxes me. All you do is leave out food and toys in your backyard, and neighborhood kitties take over and chill. Depending on what items you leave out, you'll have a different variety of cats, and some cats are rarer than others. Although the games' ultimate object is to capture (by way of photographing) the visiting cats, simply peeking into their lives is suffice enjoyment. Plus, for taking care of them, the kitties show you their appreciation by leaving behind gifts and fish (currency)!

Running low on kitties to capture in the game, I decided to take my love for Neko Atsume into yarn form. I started off with the first two kitties who had me swooning - "Tubbs" and "Guy Furry," then I became obsessed with making the other kitties in their different positions.

The second time I opened the game, I wasn't even sad the fresh bowl of food I laid out was eaten, because the cutest tubbiest cat was peacefully laying next to it! Shamelessly wearing the crumbs on his body, Tubbs is the embodiment of satisfaction. He also makes sure to tip you plenty of fish!

Guy Furry
I first met him when he whipped up a lovely crêpe in a vase, but then he melted my heart when I caught him cooking a pizza on the heater! Can you imagine coming home to a mouthwatering meal cooked by a kitty chef?

Yes, you read that correctly, buttholes. All cats have them, but depicting them on cartoon cats in innocently compromising positions defines a lot of this game. 

Friends of mine recently lost their beloved kitty, Icarus, and because they miss him dearly, and are equally fans of game, I replicated Icarus in Neko Atsume style:

So as you can see, I'm having a lot of fun. I actually kept postponing this writeup because there are still lots of cat positions and special cats to make, but I realized I should just post already since I won't be quitting anytime soon! Although I don't own a cat, with the amount of crochet kitties I've made, and how often I talk about Neko Atsume, I'm starting to feel like a virtual cat lady of sorts... And I'm ok with that!