Even after incredible artist, Dena Nakahashi, dropped the phrase, "She loves that dog like a baby"-- I wasn't prepared for the 'daaaws' and smiles that came with her commission. She asked if I could make a replica of her sister Keri's, beloved dog/son, Kobe. Upon flipping through the photos, it became overwhelmingly apparent that this was a very loved, very active dog! If he wasn't running through the beach or woods, he was swimming, chilling with his friends, or taking selfies with his mom. 

I was so thrilled when I received this wonderfully fun photo session Keri did of Kobe with "Mini Kobe" -- 

I'll admit, his unique stomach patterns and random specks of colors nearly drove me insane to create, but I knew the details would make all the difference!

Since there were so many Kobe action shots, I thought it was important to include wiring, enabling Mini Kobe to pose in similar form.

I think Kobe likes mini Kobe -- Do you?? So happy and thankful for this amazing custom, and for the photoshoot it inspired!