Tenth Doctor

Twas a week before Christmas, when all through the cave, not much leeway for new orders, nor time to misbehave. Leesasaur was ready to close for some holiday cheer, when out of her inbox the Tenth Doctor did appear!

Holidays are always a stressful, sweatshop filled period for me. However, I had to accept the late commission to make David Tennant! Many times I've wanted to crochet a Doctor or ten, but it wasn't till I was given the push of this holiday request that one finally came to fruition.

From his hair, to his sneakers, to his 3D glasses, I had so much fun crocheting my first Doctor. Eventually I'd love to have a set of villains and companions, so we'll see how far I get this year. I need to at least crochet the Eleventh Doctor and his fez, 'cause fezzes are cool!