Minion Abundance

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a big fan of Despicable Me. That being said, I found that I truly love making minions! Throughout the years I've noticed a popularity in crochet minions online, but it was only this holiday season that I was asked to make one... and then four more.

Minions generally look the same with their outfit and colors, but each of them have their own altered appearance. Whether it be their taller stature, hair placement, amount of eyes, or facial expression, it's fun to create a slightly different one each time.

I thought having to make so many in a quick time would make me a little sick of them, but I actually can't wait to make more in the future. There's something about their faces that lure me in. I'll also be getting a Universal Studios pass this coming year, so I'm excited to go on the new minion ride!