Belly Bones

I apologize for my recent absence, but the last month and a half of my life was dedicated to a rather large and intricate project. I was invited to iam8bit's second annual Grace and Ritual all-women art show. I struggled with the theme this year, "Hidden," because I was unsure of what hidden parts of my life were worth sharing and expressing with the public. But after sitting, and eating on the idea, I realized that my steady junk food habits are what keep me alive and make me, me. So I decided to do a large scale piece of a mini skeletal Leesasaur with my terribly great diet.

Although I've always enjoyed skeleton printed items, I haven't studied human skeletal anatomy since making a paper cut-out of one in grade school. I knew that my piece was going to be condensed, but I wanted to be somewhat exact about it, so I went through a lot of reference pictures, and re-educated myself on various parts. Ultimately, I struggled with the skull the most, but it turned into the most impressive part of Belly Bones. I was a bit hesitant to use any wiring at first, but ended up running wiring through about 85% of the body to make him articulated. Because the hands, feet, and head are the only non-enclosed extremities, I sprayed them with fabric stiffener for extra support.

Whenever I needed a little break from making bones, I worked on the diet section of my piece. I make smaller sizes of some of the food used, but the bacon, pizza, and ice cream cone are new pieces I love. I'm already working on pizza slices to put in the shop, so you can look forward to that!

I'm such a proud and happy mommy with how my Belly Bones turned out. I only wish I gave myself more time before a piece better seen in person, so try your best to stop by the iam8bit gallery before the end of May! If you're interested in adopting Belly Bones you can do so here.