Lolligag makes cute shirts and goodies for girls young and old, featuring an adorable girl with a bit of an attitude on her. I knew Lolligag was releasing their first vinyl figure, but I had no clue they were doing a custom show until I was invited! I haven't been making super cutesy pieces in a while, so I thought it'd be really fun to do this custom.

Originally I envisioned doing a powered wig colonial take on her, but realized she basically was a modern day 1800's girl already. So my next thought went into transforming her big hair into something fun -- Immediately I thought of Carmen Miranda and her lovely fruit hats. The rest was tedious and repetitive work, but I was inspired the whole way through.

Behold the fruits of my labor, and a couple dozen other custom Lolligags at Toy Art Gallery January 11th - February 1st!