Billy Don't Play That

It's difficult to express the complete excitement I had when I was invited to customize a Billy for the Blamo Toys 5th annual custom show. I was introduced and fell in love with Blamo Toys when I attended their Wham Blam Blamo show in early 2012. The quality of their toys is incredible, and the characters they create are so unique and fun. I loved customizing their HUG last year, but Billy is the first character I met and connected with, so customizing him meant a lot to me. 

I've always had an ambivalence for clowns, keeping me both fascinated and terrified by them. Growing up I was fueled by movies like Killer Klowns From Outter Space, and IT, but my perspective changed when Homey the Clown debuted in the TV show, In Living Color. I wanted my piece to incorporate these polar feelings.

If you're in the Los Angeles area for December to the beginning of January, I strongly encourage you to check out this show at Toy Art Gallery. Every custom is seriously amazing.