Modern Stone Age Doggy

Although it's fun and genius how they incorporated stone age animals in The Flintstones every day life, I always feel a little sad for them. The boar garbage disposal must get lonely in the dark under the sink, the mammoth vacuum cleaner probably had to suck up some disgusting things, and the bird record player could never choose his own music to play. But Dino, the Snorkasaurus, has the best life as a modern stone age doggy. He is so lovable and cute that even Fred Flintstone has a soft spot for him. So I was really excited to do a crochet commission of Dino!

This was one of my  favorite pieces to do and I already miss him a lot. I just ordered more of that pink yarn so hopefully when it comes in I'll have time to make a Dino for myself!


  1. Do you have a pattern of this for sale? Or how much is a finished product?


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