It took me a while to upgrade to a smartphone, and even though it's been eight months since having one, I know I still haven't utilized all of its capabilities. I leisurely use it to figure out where I am, check my email, play Simpsons Tapped Out, and upload photos to Instagram. It was only a few months ago that I started taking Instagram as a serious method to promote and share my art, and since it has proved to be very fun and beneficial. Photos launch directly to viewer's phones, so it's much quicker and simpler to get your message across to people. Because of Instagram, I've had the opportunity to meet and work with a very sweet girl named Nenah from the UK who asked me to make a replica of her cute dog, Luigi.

I was provided with a vast assortment of photos, which was extremely helpful, as well as detailed specifications. Creating the pattern was a frustrating feat that took a lot longer than I imagined, but Nenah's encouragement and stories about how special her dog is to her helped me push through it.

And what would a dog named Luigi be without his own Luigi hat!?

During the completion of Luigi, Nenah added an adorable puppy to her family named Mario, who I am so excited to make as well! Although I have already seen instances of users uploading my work without any credit, I'm grateful to have had such a successful Instagram connection, and look forward to more!