Plumber Lovin

Do real life plumbers ever dream that their life was a bit more like Mario's? It must suck to be reminded that instead of going down pipes to ride dinosaurs and throw fireballs, you're unclogging them of hairballs and gunk. At least they can go home and play Super Mario Bros, that is, if they're fortunate to have a game station and a TV. Unfortunately for me, I have my Super Nintendo system, but have been without a TV for years. I do, however, have the resources to construct my own Mario and hold my own adventures, so that's exactly what I did!

Two summer's ago I made a Mario Fire piece, and hadn't made a Mario since. But now, since I've recently made all the different color Yoshis...

...I decided it's only right to have Mario available as well!

BFFs united at last!

Mario keeps it fresh!

I didn't realize how essential Mario was to my collection till I actually paired Yoshi with him. I don't know why I hadn't done him sooner, but I feel so complete now that he exists!