Angry Little Asian Girl

"I was born here, you f*cking dipsh!t. Don't you know anything about immigration!?"
- Kim, from Angry Little Girls
The above was basically my attitude the entire time I attended college in eastern Washington. It was tough, and at times, is still tough to be understood as a female Asian American. I know that everyone has their share of stereotypes on their culture/race/class/sexuality, but it's refreshing when we can find humor and relate to our inequalities. That's why I loved doing my latest commission of Lela Lee's character, Kim, a sharp potty-mouthed Asian girl who's not afraid to speak her mind whether or not it may be offensive.

I had seen images of the Angry Little Asian Girl before, but I never divulged into her character till I began working on the project. Not knowing what I was getting into, I started watching videos from the youtube channel to gather inspiration, and I immediately fell in love Kim. Coincidentally, a new video was released during research time:

Having her mannerisms in mind made the project more fun to work on. I ended up wiring her body so she could properly stick the middle at anyone who gets in her way.

I'm really thankful to my sweet client who introduced me to the world of Angry Little Girls. I'm excited and wish Lela Lee the best in all her future angry character endeavors!