My Little Melody

My best friend and sister, Stefeni, recently gave birth to her first child, and my first niece, Olexa. Growing up, my family and I were avid fans of Sanrio, and we each had our own favorite characters by them. Stefeni's was My Melody, so I decided to turn her baby into a real-life My Melody, as well as give Olexa her own little My Melody. I haven't experimented much with crocheting clothing, nor am I familiar with baby sizing, but I attempted to make a bunny hat for her daughter.

Initially, I wanted to make a baby hoodie poncho with a pocket that could hold her amigurumi inside, but not only do I not know what's appropriate for babies, but I have no clue of how big or small to make everything. So, I decided to just stick with a little hoodie. I formed the hat loosely around a plush Yoshi head for sizing, assuming the baby's head was larger than the doll's...but I was actually wrong! The baby's head was about the same size! It's ok though, now she can wear it for a couple years time : )