Pretty in Pig

So, I was commissioned to make a pig for a pig lover's birthday. I have actually been postponing a fun pig project for months, so I was really happy to have an opportunity to test out some ideas. Other than size, there weren't any guidelines, so I wanted to make it very personalized. I was told the recipient likes to shop, and that tequila was a plus, so I had to make a cute party piggy.

Fashion has always been important to me, but I haven't designed real clothes in a while, so it was refreshing to design some in crochet form. Dressing up is the best part, so I made the naked pig first and then constructed removable clothes around her. When I was a child, my talented grandma would sew beautiful kimonos, and I would take her scraps and sew clothes for my stuffed animals. This project was definitely reminiscent of those days, so I had a lot of fun doing it.

Everything is meant to be interactive, so the dress comes up from the bottom and ties around her back, the bow is removable, and the tequila cork comes out. So if little piggy is feeling adventurous, she can take a lesson from Tommy Pickles who believes, "Nakie is fun! Nakie is free! Nakie is nakie!"