I Wookie You

"I am not kidding--he really really loves them. I got him a pillow case with pockets and he uses them for Darth and Anakin, so they do not get lost while he sleeps. Really, he loves them."
So, my Darth Vader and Young Anakin went over so well with my client's son, that she commissioned me to do two more Star Wars characters as Easter gifts for him! I was planning to make Chewy, who had actually been an initial request from her the last time, so she decided on him paired with my Yoda.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to buy special yarn for this project, or if I wanted to try the brush technique that I used once before. Ultimately, I alternated browns and brushed him out so that it would give me full control over his layout, with no hassle. It's actually quite a pain to use this technique, but the outcome is fantastic. Then, since I was working with browns, I wanted to make sure his ammo belt pouch didn't blend in, so I used a lighter brown. When I stitched the grey in, it magically presented dashes on the other side, so it worked out perfectly.

Not to sound conceited or anything, but I'm really impressed with my Chewbacca. I want to take him everywhere like he was my little toy dog. Too adorable.


  1. omg Leesa he's soooo cute! You did such a good job, I love his little bag. :3

  2. Awwwh thank you! I love it, too! I love making accessories. hahaha

  3. WOW that looks great! Good job!

  4. This is adorable. Can I ask what kind of yarn you used? And you just used the brushing tachniques. it's amazing i have never seen any brushing that looks more than a little fuzzy, this looks like fur. Oh, where do you get the noses, his is sooo cute!

  5. Hi! Thanks so much. I usually just use Red Heart yarn. The noses can be found at craft stores like Michaels or Joanns!


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