Stay Puft

I was so in love with Ghostbusters, the movies and the cartoon, and aside from the phenomenal cast and slimer, who can forget the cutest biggest terrorizer, Stay Puft!?

Yes, I was commissioned to create him, and it was a very cute project. I did have concerns about his tubby arms and legs, but they worked out quite fine. I decided to embroider his mouth rather than use felt or yarn. I chose not to embroider "STAY PUFT" on his hat because all the fine details happen at the top of his body so I didn't want to overcrowd everything. The color pattern really makes this project look so crisp and clean.

About five years ago I made my own Ghostbusters outfit, but only wore it under a coat while working at a desk job, so here it is debuted! I felted and embroidered all of the decals.

I really don't want to give him up but I am sure he is going to a happy home! Plus, logically I wouldn't be a very good Ghostbuster if I kept him around...


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