Spook You Cute

For a while I have been wanting to do mini films for my pieces. However, my first two scripts require a lot more time and work prior to launch, and I frankly don't have the time at the moment. But after completion of my initial I Agore You line, I thought of the perfect promo film for them.

I wanted a Tales from the Crypt-Are You Afraid of the Dark vibe and pace accompanied by traditional mystery horror music. I also wanted to throw in a recording of me performing a blood curdling scream, but we didn't have any recording equipment. I guess it took six hours to do and I am super thankful for JSalamander for sacrificing his Friday night to put up with my direction and perfection. I wound up with slashes all over my hands from aloe plants and scrapes on my knees, but it was worth it to get the shots just right. We had lots of fun making it and I hope you have lots of fun watching it.

Of course a bit of Simpsons Treehouse of Horror tribute with ending credits ;D


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