Lambs All Grown Up

My favorite stuffed animal in preschool was a Lamb who I called "Lamby," and yes, I would let it follow me to school. So when my little sister requested a lamb for her friend, I got that sentimental feeling and wanted to do Lambs justice. I decided to use the soft terrycloth yarn I had used only once before to create a "Charmmy Kitty" character for someone else. The yarn is very soft and thin, proving a bit difficult to crochet with at times, but I love the texture and outcome. Had I had more patience and had the particular yarn come in colors other than soft baby pastels, I might be inclined to use it more!

It's fun as well as embarrassing to look back at things I have done years ago and see how much I have grown. Can you see the differences between my first project and my most recent? : )

Now it's time to say farewell to my second Lamby! I know she is going to a good home, but I attached a bell just in case she gets lost.


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