The Doom of Cute

I remember once in high school, writing about how I wish my little sister wore a Gir costume all the time so that I would always like her. I know that sounds a little insensitive, but have you watched Invader Zim before? Gir is one of the most adorable characters to have ever been created. So, of course I was really happy to take on someone's request to make a Gir keychain.

She told me she didn't have a preference for how I made Gir, but that she did particularly enjoy this photo of him:

I'm a bit relieved she likes Gir with his eyes shut happy because I was anticipating the struggle of crocheting eyes that did not resemble boobies had I made them open. Previously I did buy some zippers to use in construction of Gir amigurumi, but I decided not to use them this time because it would hardly be put to use on such a small item. I also toyed with the option of constructing glasses for him but whether I used yarn or felt, it looked a bit ridiculous to me. So in the end I just left him as his cheerful self and I think he turned out pretty cute.

Now that I'm done, I want to eat some cupcakes and watch Invader Zim!