Eight by Two

A customer requested a pair of my octopus keychains in slightly larger sizes as well as have them accompanied with a guitar and a piano. These were to be gifts for a musician couple who play these instruments and whose friends give them endearing octopus names. I'm all for cute and random challenges, so I was happy to help.

As far as the instruments go, I wanted to make them very kitschy and simple. I first made the piano as a miniature grand piano, but it just didn't match the electric guitar, so I switched it to a keyboard.

What makes me happier about the end result of this darling couple, is the significance and uniqueness it plays in the lives of the requester and the receiving couple!


  1. That's very cute,I like the guitar :) My purple octopus on my purse is quite popular and I get a lot of compliments on it :)

  2. These are absolutely adorable! ^ - ^


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