A Cure to Dessert Deprivation

The past few months I have been craving for a dessert that I actually never had the pleasure of indulging in: a Banana Split. I'm not sure how I have gone almost a quarter century and not had this treat, but I have. After expressing this to a friend one day,

I decided to take his suggestion, and crochet my own. I don't really know all the ingredients or positions of this dessert, but I knew the two major components were banana and ice cream scoop. The banana was fun and simple enough, but the ice cream was a bit more challenging. I tried to mimic the scoop effect of perfect round bulge with excess bottom parts. What I was left with was something that looked like ice cream but also a plump little jellyfish. So I decided to make a little whipped cream and cherry head much like I had done for my pie, to counter the potential confusion. I also had to create a pretty bowl with complimenting colors for the pair to snuggle in.

Now I have my own immortal Banana Split to keep me company as I patiently wait to savor my very first real one. These guys make my eyes and heart enough happy to make my stomach content.


  1. banana split cuteness! I had my very first banana split ever this year mmm banana and ice cream, yummy!

  2. Ohhh I still haven't had one!!! ahhhh :c


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