Chill Pops

After launching the collaboration of Koalaty Time with my sister, I wanted to do more of these amigurumi with card pairing lines. My next endeavor was for a friendship card that would come with two matching amigurumi as the charms. I decided to crochet little popsicle ornaments, but then the only task was to create the cute corny lines that come with it. I immediately thought of, "I'll melt with you," because it shows dedication and sacrifice, but it also contributes to the fact that popsicles melt which is a tiny bit depressing. I think if I decide to make grilled cheese sandwich amigurumi, this would be perfect. Instead I came up with,"Let's chill together" and decided to name my popsicles, "Chill Pops."

Unfortunately, the card is still being worked on, but the popsicles are out and looking pretty chill!


  1. I like the card idea! "I'll melt with you" sounds so cute!! :)))

  2. Thanks! I hope to still put those out! : )

  3. These take me back to hot summers in Colorado :)


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