I decided to have my first store-wide sale! In commemoration of 2011 and my shop's two year anniversary on January 12th, everything will be 10% off for 10 days.

Enter code GIVEME10 at checkout!

Then I think I will have a giveaway or something. Still new to all of this because I have been on the mindset of just producing and not thinking about customer incentive, nor had the time to ready myself for a project of this sort. I actually feel behind of where I want to be with my creations and shops right now, so being my own boss, I need to motivate myself some way!

There is so much to do that right now, as I look down on my work space, I have nine individual projects halfway-to-nearly done, as well as one huge project featuring six-soon-to-be-twenty items waiting to be finished. What happens is, most times when a project is 88% complete, I think to myself, "Oh, it just needs this and it's done," so I start working on another project, figuring that when that one is done at a certain point, I'll finish up the other. Only thing is, I rarely go back to the nearly completed project, and start on yet, another and another. I get frustrated looking at them sometimes, but I just need that little push to finish.

After the big holiday rush I have been half picking up the pieces, and half crocheting my ideas out. In contribution to the reddit posting and holiday sales, my stress levels were intense and I even contracted a bizarre emotional virus (that I'm still getting over) called pityriasis rosea because of it! Serious. Since I never had such a personal demand in my life, I was overwhelmed and didn't know how to handle everything. Now that I've experienced such chaos, I am pacing myself as best I can and keeping my mind as leveled and as focused as possible.

But after over 110 sales and over 150 items made from my first sale of hand-sewn toast boy:

- it's hard to not be amazed at how far I've come and how far I will go with my mind and hands in the right place! I'm excited for the future! Happy 2011 : )


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