The Elusive Red Panda

I looked over at my sister's dog on my bed and couldn't help but draw the similar features of her and the red panda. Since I had a rust color yarn next to me, and felt like relaxing on business crochet for the day, I decided to fashion a little beanie for her.

In between crocheting her beanie, I started on my own little red panda amigurumi as well. I often enjoy admiring the cute heads I finish without their extremities:

I'm not completely sure what it is that happens when I switch yarn color in the pattern of stomachs (other than the natural process of crocheting in a round), but the bodies always slant a bit. This happened with the dogs I made, but it's not a problem I'm too concerned about since they always turn out adorable anyway.

I initially wanted to make my red panda apart of my damaged goods collection, but his forehead doesn't leave enough of a gap for me to sew a bandage on. Regardless, I knew he would be a cute addition to my work.


  1. omg I love red pands look at his tail and nose! ((passes out from the cute))

  2. It looks so super cute =^_^= great work!!

  3. Hey, would you happen to have the pattern for this? I would love to make my girlfriend one!!


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