My Last Stitch

2010 is coming to its demise and so are my final sweatshop days for now. After all the enduring nights and spare time of finishing custom and holiday orders, Stitch was the last request I crocheted (it was to be an xmas present for a friend's mom, so I of course had a heart to do it).

I knew Stitch's details would be tough, but switching colors into the shapes I wanted was the tricky part. Although I don't like to use felt too much, I ended up using more than I planned, and luckily I had the matching colors for them. Initiating him was a hassle and then the more daunting task was figuring out his ears. His ears took too many attempts to not realize felt was not only an easier, but better option.

Rather than embroidering the dark patches on his back like I did with Sully, I decided to use felt as well!

Due to the malleable characteristic of yarn, Stitch's legs can be easily manipulated into sitting or standing position.

He turned into an adorable alien and cute end to this year's project requests. Now I can finally focus on my projects :D !