Dog Delight

After the initial rinse in a steamy hot shower, the last thing I expected to see when I opened my eyes was a canine peeping at the corner of the curtain. Amused, I cupped a handful of water for her to drink. She happily slurped it up so I continued to feed her more. When I had to turn her away so I could shampoo my hair, she defeatedly slumped onto the bathmat and rested. Pondering this curious behavior, it struck me that all dogs ever drink is usually room-temperature water, so hot water is a substantial change in beverage to them. She lit up when I later called her back for a heavy dosage (post-shower reenactment):

Whether it be delightful tea or coffee, whatever derived from those laps of water must have been pretty glorious to her, cause it's been two hours since and she's still following me around like I am her messiah!


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